The Top 25 Upcoming NEW Single Player Games of 2022

 The Top 25 Upcoming NEW Single Player Games of 2022

Looking for a new, innovative game to play? Look no further than the Top 25 NEW Single Player Games of 2022! This compilation features some of the most popular and iconic titles, all of which are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games, racing games, or just straight-up old-school fun, this set has something for you. Check it out today!

Scorn is  a game that's been in the works for many  many years from a Kickstarter to now  some funding from Microsoft it's finally  getting the light of day this year after  so long and it's just a weird gross  sci-fi horror, first-person shooter, I don't really know a better way to  describe this one but for me, the main  appeal is the art direction the art  style very much inspired by h.r Giger  h.r Geiger famous for the alien designs  from the original movies as well as a  ton more this game seems to lean on the  body har the mystery and atmosphere and  world-building that we come to for  something like this and if you're an  offbeat horror fan like me it seems like  this is going to have some good stuff  for you thankfully we finally get to  check it out October 21st 

 Valkyrie Elysium in this you play  as the valkyrie who is tasked with  seemingly saving an already doomed world  and it's a good old action RPG I mean  look at it on screen here don't know too  much about it but I when it was shown off  earlier this year at an event we  couldn't help but be hooked on it simply  because it just looks like a little  blast of nostalgia as much as it's very  pretty and cool and flashy there's  something about it with the way the  combat works the summoning the character  designs that just seems a little bit old  school and something that might really  perfectly scratch that itch we'll know  for sure when we get our hands on this  one pretty soon September 29th 

 The quarry is from the developers  behind the dark pictures anthology and  more importantly the incredible until  dawn the quarry takes very much what  they set up with until dawn and runs  with it it embraces goofy shlocky horror  some good tension and dread and lovable  characters that you're also going to  want to probably see get systematically  taken out by the bad guys this is a game  about quick time events dialogue choices  looking for clues talking to your fellow  camp counselors and just kind of  enjoying a tongue-in-cheek horror story  that can go in a variety of different  ways it's really cool to see how this  one plays out to trust me, especially with  the graphics it's also just a looker and  like I said if you played until dawn if  you liked any of their previous games  you should absolutely give the quarry a  shot this year  

 Triangle strategy is actually from the  producer of brave default and Octopath  traveler so if you've touched either of  those games you really know what to  expect here but with a huge dash of  actual hardcore strategy gameplay if you  like RPGs with a bunch of playable  characters this game has 20 skill  systems party systems and the art style  of something like Octopath traveler  triangle strategy is really just a good  combination of a bunch of different  things and if you need something a  little bit meatier or something a little  deeper on Nintendo's switch this has got  you covered 

Pokemon legends Arceus now this released earlier  this year and kind of revitalized some  of the pokemon gameplay with an open world  fully 3d graphics and a more complex  catching and battling system it was very  cool, especially how it was set in a  different time period for the pokemon  universe it was a nice refresh but along  with that this year towards the end of  the year with November we got to mention  pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet also  coming which is going to give us and  expand even more on this new style of the open world catching gameplay and we're  excited to see how that pans out really  regardless 2022 if you're a pokemon fan  you're eating good and that's important

Cult of  the lamb do not overlook this one  because I'll admit I did it first and I really regret it this is an excellent  hybrid of kind of an animal crossing  chill out the type of management thing and a  dungeon runner where you're gonna find  yourself doing oh just one more run the way this combines going  into dungeons fighting enemies getting  important items and then bringing it  back to your little cult that you're  building up and keeping that cult going  by managing your followers keeping them  fed doing all that type of thing it's  incredibly addictive even more than I expected and just a cool unique vibe to  it all it just really is something else  came out of nowhere for us so definitely  check it out if you haven't 

 Dying light 2 and its upcoming expansion DLC bloody ties  the original dying light 2 base game is  really fun the open worlds it gives you  are a lot of fun to jump around in and  kill zombies and bloody ties, it marks the start of seemingly a bunch of  content being added to the game over  time to hopefully just flesh out the  combat the enemy types and the world  even more 

SIFU which was released earlier this year  but is probably going to find its way on  a bunch of game of the year list this  action brawler is incredibly challenging  but super satisfying to learn and master  and complete it's been updated with a  bunch of different modes and options and  skins and it really has just been  getting better and better but even at  its core this is just a tight  challenging fun brawler with a great  move system really satisfying hits  blocking parrying dodging all the  feedback is perfect the art style the  vibe is really cool the way you kind of  memorize your runs and just kick ass  it's really just a badass simulator it's  a mix between john wick and it man in  all the right ways we love it you might  love it or if you haven't played it yet 

New Tales  From The Borderlands This is a follow-up  to telltale games as tales from the  borderlands game that was very well  received that one really blew people  away with this incredible depth of  storytelling and world building and that  just made borderlands better so now  they're doing it again but this time  with a different team internally at  gearbox the publisher owner of  borderlands but they've got some of the  original people working on it and so far  the initial reveal seemed promising it's  gonna be hard to top that original run  of tales from the borderlands but we'll  find out for sure when this one drops  October 21st 

High ON Life This is a first-person shooter from squinch games most notably the people  behind Rick and Morty Justin Roland  that whole creative team and this is  very much a quirky wacky sci-fi shooter  where the guns are aliens and they talk  to you the player seemingly constantly  now this is very much humor is a subjective thing everybody has a  different type of sense of humor you're  gonna find this stuff either incredibly  annoying or absolutely hilarious but I'm curious to see what they're doing in the  gameplay department because visually  graphics wise art direction it seems  pretty quirky and cool we are going to  get our hands on this game at the end of  the year December 13th 

Gotham Knights we've talked about this one a  lot they've been hyping this one up for  years we're still a little cautiously  optimistic because of the combat but  overall this is a new bat family  adventure where commissioner Gordon and  batman are both dead and it's up to the  bat family to work together and clean up  the streets of Gotham that are currently  riddled with uh the court of owls Mr freeze and his gang Harley Quinn and a  bunch more when this game was first  revealed a lot of people thought it was  a multiplayer game as a service type  thing but you can still play this game  completely single player which is  absolutely excellent for someone like me  who just wants to do a night wing run or  a red hood run we've had a run of some  really good batman games and just really  good superhero games so it's gonna be  tough to reach the great heights that  we've really hit recently but we'll know  for sure when it releases October 21st *

Modern warfare 2 -The call of Duty money train continues to roll no matter  what with the release this fall of call of duty modern warfare 2. this is the follow-up to modern warfare the game  that was released a few years back that kind  of rebooted the whole modern warfare and  call of duty thing with a newer engine  and fresher visuals and gameplay  concepts and while we don't know too  much about it yet more is probably going  to be revealed soon at the time of  making this video we do know that it is  going to have a single player campaign  and if you just like big dumb fun action  adventures they're always worth checking  out if it's anything like the previous  modern warfare campaign they really go  all out on some big cinematic set-piece  moments that were really fun to play  through we'll probably hear more about  this game soon but we do know that it's  releasing November 10th  

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 This game is absolutely awesome if you're looking for a great JRPG on Nintendo switch look no further I mean this series has kind of been hit  after hit monolith soft clearly knows how  to make a damn good JRPG and this one  has an incredibly strange sci-fi world  with a weird spin on things something to  say and memorable likable characters  that yes very much repeat their lines  throughout the battle but still while you  are battling you're getting just a  better version of Xenoblade chronicles  gameplay with way more to do things to  manage and party members to mess around  with the world they built here is great  and if you love Jrpgs you should not  miss this one 

Kirby And The  Forgotten Landsticking with Nintendo switch we have Kirby and the  forgotten land this is Kirby's big bold  3d adventure in a variety of different  environments with really fun gameplay  concepts utilizing Kirby's very unique  skill set and some really cool boss  battles sometimes you really just need a  good old-fashioned video game like this one 

Stray  This is a single-player cat adventure  game where you play as a cat lost in a  kind of dystopian future robot-run city  there are no humans in sight and it  seems like these robots are really the  only thing out there and you as this cat  adventure through these lands picking  things up solving puzzles running from  danger platforming and while it is a  very simple game to play there's not too  much to it the atmosphere the adventure  the mystique of it all and just the fun  of messing around and playing as a cat  in a strange sci-fi world is really  really appealing if this wasn't on your  radar for it just being the game where  you play as a cat you should still  consider it for the cool sci-fi  aesthetics and just a good solid  adventure 

Lego Star  wars The Skywalker Saga This is  essentially a love letter to lego star  wars fans whether you were a little bit  older for the games or you grew up  playing them they were absolutely iconic  and what you have here is a new spin on  the lego star wars gameplay and just new  versions of playing through all of these  movies more lightsaber combat better  third-person shooting more jokes  different jokes more characters to play  as and open worlds to explore there's an  absolute metric ton of stuff in these  games it's packed to the gills and you  can play it with a friend or you can  play it completely solo and just for  that alone for cruising through and  playing through the movies and seeing  another new spin on lego star wars stuff  is pretty much worth the price of  admission if you like this stuff you're  probably gonna dig this one 

Bayonetta 3. we're finally getting a new  Bayonetta game after waiting for so many  years these third-person action games to  rival devil may cry have always been  really great Bayonetta 2 was completely  slept on and now this full-fledged first  Bayonetta game for Nintendo Switch is  going to feature another playable  character crazy over-the-top screen  filling summons and just hopefully more  good action combat and over-the-top  stylish and hilarious moments it's been  a long wait so we're really hoping to  knock it out of the park with this one  it's releasing October 28th 

A plague tale requiem this is the  follow-up to the absolutely incredible plague tale innocence and in it, you  travel to a medieval world ravaged by  plague and overrun with diseased rats and  it's just you Emilia, and her young  brother Hugo trying to get by there's a  little bit more to it that I don't want  to spoil but essentially these games are  focused around beautiful visuals tight  storytelling environmental puzzle  solving and the occasional bit of combat  that is absolutely effective this time  around it seems like Amita is more  capable she's been through a lot in the  previous game she seemingly has more  combat abilities and more gadgets and  with a new location and who knows where  the story's gonna go we're very much  looking forward to seeing what happens  and it's releasing October 18th 

Evil west  man can you look at this game does this  not just seem like an absolute blast  from the past this just looks like one  of those fun over-the-top mid-2000s  action games with sci-fi and horror  elements that I am just absolutely about  this is essentially a western where  you're this badass vampire hunter killer  guy with cool over-the-top weapons in  fun third-person combat at this point I'm not looking for every game to  reinvent the wheel I'm just looking for  something to be straightforward and good  and fun and creative and from what we've  seen so far with evil west it seems like  just that not really too much more to say about it just cool monster cowboy  action

Ghost wire Tokyo  if you're looking for a single-player game that's a little less traditional  this might be up your alley it's kind of  structured a little bit like a yakuza  game where you walk around a small open-world city and get strange quests but  you get them from ghosts and then you go  out and you fight other really cool  creepily designed ghosts with doctor  strange powers it's definitely not our  favorite game of the year but it gets a  lot of points for just being completely  different and really unlike anything  you've ever played it's not necessarily  super scary it's a horror game but it  leans more on like the fun wacky side of  horror and that totally works here some  of the boss battles are absolutely wild 

Horizon Forbidden West was released this year  this was the follow-up to horizon zero  dawn and it takes the story and world-building to new heights this game goes  absolutely crazy from a storytelling  standpoint but along with that you're  just getting a ton more gadgets to work  with more creatures to hunt a bigger  open world with more in-depth side  quests more crafting more hidden  discoveries even better visuals horizon  forbidden west is like the true  definition of like a bigger better  sequel it's a great one to flex your ps5  if that's what you're looking to do and  like I said Aloy's journey certainly  goes places really more than anything  we're just excited to see where things 

Atomic heart look at this game this is an incredible mashup of seemingly simulation-style games like Deus ex or the more recent prey with a good dash of  Bioshock and weird sci-fi horror some of the more recent trailers we've seen for this game are just kind of like a  compilation of just endless mind-blowing strange stuff from melee combat cool guns to just downright shocking enemies stuff that we've never seen before in games I am incredibly excited for this one if you can't tell even if it just boils down to it looks cool it seems very creative and it's like Bioshock that's all I really needed, to be honest, this one has been in the works for a  really really long time it's been delayed many many times but as of right now we know it's slated for late 2022.  

Callisto protocol is another good old-fashioned video game from a lot of the people behind the original dead space and they have admitted this is very much a spiritual successor of that what you get here is third-person survival horror tight corridor stressful action and you can see it here with some brutal melee cool weapons and tons of awesome zombie and creature gore I've said it before but Callisto protocol just looks like exactly what the doctor ordered if you just like third-person survival horror action-adventure games it's been a minute since we got like a  really good solid triple a one and we're hoping Callisto protocol delivers because it is going to squeak by this year it's releasing December 2nd, 2022. 

Elden Ringcourse you  know we were going to mention Elden Ring is an absolute blowout  of the soul's souls borne formula they  took what they have perfected and they  just made it absolutely massive and  compelling and yet still incredibly  cohesive and thoughtful the way this  game encourages and rewards open world  exploration is really satisfying the  combat is still great as you'd expect  and the character building is really  something else you're able to get very  creative with your builds along with  that the vibe the atmosphere and the  variety of the areas and dungeons and  enemies it's just all that from software  stuff you really expect at this point  and it's so fun to get immersed in  obviously clearly earlier this year we  all fell in love with Elden ring and  we're still thinking about it to this  day


God of war Ragnarok is the game that  we're collectively the most excited  about this year on the channel is god of war ragnarok we've been looking forward  to this one for a very long time as big  fans of the original god of war games  and of course god of war 2018 kind of  reimagined things we're really looking  forward to seeing where kratos and  atreya's story goes this time around and  from what we've seen it looks like  larger worlds more interaction with npcs  and just stuff in general more combat  options more enemy types hopefully more  bosses and the next step in a story of  both father and son and also just a wild  world filled with mythology and gods the  bar was set pretty high by 2018 we're  hoping this one lives up to it and we'll  be able to check it out when it releases  november 9th of this year  now those are some of the best new and  upcoming single-player games but we got  two bonus games worth mentioning the  first is thymizia this is a soulsborne  style game with a little bit more of a  bloodborne flair that didn't change the  world or anything but has a ton of fun  combat options and is worth checking out  if you like stuff like sakura as well  also roller drum it's like tony hawk's  pro skater meets jet set radio meets max  payne in an arena shooter and it's one  of the best solo experiences you could  have with an indie game right now now  like we said there are so many other  games that we couldn't fit on this list  today but these are some of our picks  some of the best single player things so  let us know yours down in the comments  because you're gonna have your own  choices so we wanna hear if you got your  own top five hit us up if you enjoyed  this video and maybe learned about a new  game or just like talking games with us  clicking the like button is all you got  to do it really helps us out and if  you're new consider subscribing maybe  hitting that notification bell because  we put out videos every single day but  as always thanks for watching and we'll  see you guys next time


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