How To Uninstall System (Bloatware) Apps Without Root

  How To Uninstall System (Bloatware)Apps Without Root

Hi we're online right now and we're going to show you how to uninstall system bloatware apps without root so you can completely customize your phone this is a non-rooted method I'm going to show you how to do

What is Bloatware? 

see any app that's unnecessary is bloatware for example if you have an android phone your device probably came with Facebook pre-installed now is facebook an integral part of your phone's functionality no it's not and that is bloatware now if you're wondering hey does my phone have Bluetooth apps chances are it does let's face it.

 Types of Bloatware on Android?

 Actually now there are 3 types of bloatware apps on android one  third-party bloated app like

 These and  mostly these can be uninstalled easily  so these are maybe okay the second type  of lottery apps are from the  manufacturer itself apps like these most  of these can't be uninstalled they can  only be disabled the third type of  bloatware is from google I know a lot of  these apps are something people use but  what if you use a browser other than  chrome or an email app other than Gmail  again most of these apps can't be  uninstalled 

 Negatives of Bloatware?

what are the negatives of  such apps well some of these apps take  up a lot of storage some apps send you  unnecessary notifications and some apps  just keep running in the background  slowing down your phone so the question  is 

How to Remove Bloatware System Apps?

Step 1: Enabling USB Debugging on your phone

  • Open the Settings app on your phone and scroll down to About Phone.
  • Tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options
Go back to the Settings menu and go to System > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.

how do you remove these system Bluetooth apps that can't be removed easily today I'm going to tell you a very simple method to remove Bluetooth apps on your android smartphone so here's what you need to do first you need to set up ADB on your windows pc or your mac or even if your Linux it's fine just set up and we have a very simple to follow guide on how to set up ADB on all of these platforms just follow that and you should be fine once you have ADB  setup on your laptop go to your phone and enable developer options I think you know how tap on the build number four to five times and you should get this prompt after this enable USB debugging in the developer options then connect your phone to your laptop and when you use the ADB command you should get this prompt on your phone just hit allow in this now you need to install the universal android deep loader?


Universal Android Deep Loader?

This is an  open-source tool available for windows  mac os and Linux and this is a tool that  helps you remove system apps that can't  be removed natively just install this  and open it up and you should get this UI, I know it looks a little boring and  complicated but it works and that's what  matters so by default this shows you the  recommended bloatware apps you should  remove from your device now you can just  select all of the apps in the  recommended list and remove them be done  with it but I have heard some people  facing issues on their phones when they  do this so instead I'll recommend you to  only remove the apps that you think you  don't need so what you can do is search  for the app you want to remove 

Important Points to Note?

 that  you should note about this tool first up  the apps that you remove don't come back  when you install a system update which  is good but if you do a factory reset  all of these apps come back this is  because the system apps in your phone  are part of the system partition itself  and the universal deep loader tool  cannot remove apps from the partition  itself now I know some of you have  questions like are there any problems or  issues after you've removed system apps  in your phone well as long as you don't  remove critical apps from the os it's  all fine  now one good thing is that the deep  loader lists important system apps in  sections like expert advanced unsafe and  untested so you should be fine if you  stay away from these apps anyway this  tool is super useful and to show you

 what difference is Storage With & Without Bloatware

what difference does it make if we removed all the bloatware from a real phone a  Samsung phone a Xiaomi phone an open phone and a Vivo phone it not only makes the experience better it frees up a lot of storage on the galaxy f23 the storage taken by apps by default is 3.21  GB and after removing bloatware 1GB of storage was freed up on the Redmi 1.7 GB  was freed on the real me 95g 2.8 GB was freed up the oppo k10 gained 1.9 GB and the ICO  9sc gained 1.7 GB that is a lot of storage now while we are doing this test we also got an idea on which phones have the most bloatware that can't be removed now?

Which Phone Has the Most Bloatware?

i'm talking about  unnecessary apps not apps like clock  weather messages play store etc so the  oppo k10 has the most apps that can't be  uninstalled 13 bloatware apps the galaxy  f23 has 10 such apps the realme 95g and  the iq9se have 11 and the redmi note 11  is the best here with only seven  bluetooth apps that can't be removed  yeah it's surprising now you can remove  these apps with the universal deep loader tool but this gives you an idea  of which manufacturer is putting in the  most bloatware apps that can't be  removed to conclude things this tool is  super easy to use and i think you should  use it to remove all the bloatware from  your phones but i still feel that  manufacturers should make removing  bloatware from phones a lot simpler i  understand manufacturers at these apps  for multiple reasons but we the users  should have the choice of what apps we  want and what apps we don't i'm just add  an option in the settings to remove  system apps that are not exactly used by  the os itself i mean yeah this tool this  universal deep loader tool is good it  works but it's not something a casual  user would try plus there's always the  risk of removing apps that might cause  problems in your phone so a native tool  a native option would be way better to  remove system apps bloatware what do you  guys think about this comment down below

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