Top KOTA Institute Reality: Unacademy vs Allen vs PW

Top KOTA Institute Reality: Unacademy vs Allen vs PW 

This is an epic story about Kota, a story of money, reality, Unacademy vs Allen vs PW, the battle for KOTA, and how companies are fighting for teachers.

You might not know but there is a war going on in India it is not about any border, oil, or weapons. It is about teachers in Kota. Here we are talking about Mohit Bhargava. He is one of the most famous physics teachers in Kota. For 14 years he worked at Allen Career Institute, the biggest coaching center in the city. But last month a big change took place in his life and he joined Unacademy. Reportedly, he received an annual salary package of INR 20 Crores. Yes, you are right. 20 crore rupees! Which was not the only one with almost 20 times the salary of other top teachers in Kota and Bhargava. 

ALLEN director Naveen Maheshwari told Mint in an interview that 40 other teachers left his institute recently. Sameer Bansal of Bansal Classes says Kota is known for its D2-Dhakka (test) and Dhoka (Cheat). goes. And some are now accusing Mohit Bhargava of duping Allen, while some feel that this is not a hoax but an integral part of this industry. If people like us can change companies, why not Mohit Bhargava? Interestingly, this war for teachers in Kota was started by people who were once YouTube teachers.

These teachers are running big companies, that have raised crores of rupees from investors and are now changing this industry in Kota, but who is benefiting from all this? Are these students? We will learn in this video "Even if students who get 90% marks sit in IIT exam, 99% of them will fail..." "I never leave my weak students..." "From new money" Physic Wallah is now worth $1.1 billion!" Kota is a small town in Rajasthan, about 4.5 hours away from Jaipur. It is the capital of the IIT-JEE coaching industry in India.

 Every year close to 2 lakh students arrive at Kota and they come with a singular mission: cracking the IIT JEE exam In this city, everything is about these exams According to an article in Mint, the moment the journey of these students end at the Kota Junction railway station, the business of the coaching institutes begins. Different coaching centers in Kota tie up with different Rikshawwallahs. 

A coaching center pays 500 Rupees to the Rikshawwallah if he brings a student to their center. In case the student takes admission in that center, the Rikshawwallah gets 3000 Rupees. The students have classes starting from 6:30 am. The hostel managers play the role of a friend, parents, and motivational coaches for the students. A student narrated how his hostel manager knows about every student He guides them, at times asking them to go watch a movie on Sunday to refresh their minds.

 This system has been in place for many years At the moment, there are 10 major coaching institutes. Out of them, Allen Career Institute is the biggest one But it was not always like this. There was a time when Bansal Classes used to be the largest coaching institute in Kota Bansal Classes was the first coaching institute to be formally set up in Kota. It was founded by Vinod Kumar Bansal. Bansal always had a passion to teach students He started conducting classes in his home in 1983.


The turning point for him came in 1985, when a student of his, cracked the IIT exam. Word spread, and soon more students from neighboring areas took admission to his tuition center For around 20 years, Bansal Classes were the King of Kota This changed in 2010 But why did this happen? Because several teachers started quitting Bansal classes and joining other coaching institutes This was a huge development Mainly because students in Kota don't come for the coaching institution, but for specific teachers. Like one student told in an interview, that for him the teacher, is a brand. As for physics, it is Rahul Yadav sir, so he will go wherever he goes That's why the fight in Kota has always been about teachers.

 The teachers themselves are brand there and that's why PhysicsWallah and Aman Dhattarwal have been able to grow their brand's Institutes like Career Point and Resonance, who are now big players in Kota, were started by the ex-teachers of Bansal institute. Allen did the same thing. This saga continued. But some time later, another major change happened in the industry of Kota- largely, thanks to a company in California. YouTube In 2014, Alakh Pandey, an IIT dropout started a YouTube channel to teach physics to IIT and NEET aspirants.

 A year later, Roman Saini and Gaurav Munjal started their channel to teach students preparing for exams like UPSC. In a few years, these Youtube channels became huge education start-ups in India But these companies did not have a direct, immediate impact on Kota Allen was still the King there In fact in 2019, it applied for Limca Book of World Record for enrolling around 1 lakh students in a single year. But that was all set to change in 2020.

 "Today, from 12 AM onward, there will be a complete lockdown..." "Social distancing..." "When will this all end?" Due to lockdowns, people needed online education and these startups which had the technological expertise were better prepared to deliver online education to people Better enrollment meant greater funding too. But this growth in online education was short-lived. As soon as COVID subsided, offline education started again. 

Now as soon as offline began, the traditional coaching institutes had an advantage over these startups. First, coaching institutes offered customization for the students that these start-up companies could not For example, if a class 11 student is enrolled in a local coaching center, they are often asked what they were taught in school that day, to ensure that the student is on the same page at both coaching and school.

 This is difficult to execute in online coaching because these startups usually offer standardized courses Apart from that, both students and parents were fed up with the online education There are very few people who can stay on Zoom all through the day So as soon as COVID subsided, students started shifting back to Kota And now the town is full of students again According to multiple hostel owners, Kota has seen as many as 300,000 students coming in this year, a two-fold jump over 2019.

 Mohit Bhargava said in an interview- “I don’t think I have seen anything like this in the last 15 years,” And if there are 3L students that means that there is a lot of money to be made *There will be lots and lots of money!* The competition that we are witnessing between Allen and the new ed tech start-ups is something that all successful businesses have to deal with Whether in India or somewhere else, a successful company is one where it is able to fight such competition Consider Microsoft. It had to compete with IMB, Oracle, and now Apple 

 According to Nitin Vijay, founder, and CEO of Motion Classes, In Kota, on average, a student pays up to Rs 1.5 lakh a year. If there are 300,000 students where the total value of the Kota market is worth as much as Rs 5,000 crore! And people believe that even more students are going to come to Kota in the future, which means an even larger market! Thus Unacademy and Physicswallah(PW), which were only indulging in online education earlier, are now interested in Kota's offline education as well They are competing with Allen by making attractive offers to their teachers the same way Allen waged a war against Bansal a decade ago. Earlier, the competition between Allen and Bansal was between equal players, to an extent But now, that is not the case First, the startups have an advantage. Because the education in Kota will not only be 100% offline, it will be hybrid. Allen admits to the same Armed with the tech expertise, these start-ups can make use of this hybrid environment very well Second, these start-ups have raised a lot of money from investors

Unacademy | Allen Institute| physics wallah(PW) net worth

  • Unacademy is worth over 23,000 crore Rupees,
  • Physicswallah is worth 8,500 crore Rupees today.
  • Allen Institute is worth only 1,600 crores

 With their funding, they are able to make attractive offers to several teachers To compete with them, Allen recently sold up 36% of its equity This was the first time they did this in the company's history Apart from this they are also planning to increase the salaries of its teachers to retain them In this entire debate, we have not talked about one important aspect- Will the students benefit from this war? 

physics wallah offline center course prices

The prices of the tuition may decrease Physicswallah has said that his courses in Kota's offline center would be priced at 35,000 Rupees whereas that of Allen is more than 1Lakh. But would this address the real problems of the students? Coaching institutes are competing with each of these students. with the assurance that if the students take their courses, it would become easier for them to get into IIT and other premier institutes But the problem is that while more and more students are getting enrolled in these coaching institutes, the number of seats in the Indian colleges are not increasing at a commensurate rate which means that the competition between these students is bound to increase further This translates into more stress and depression... "

I have not been able to solve three questions in 4 hours. If I go with this, I would be embarrassed..." The number of students appearing for NEET has almost tripled in the last 10 years and the selection rate has fallen from 7.8% to 5%. A similar trend has been noticed for UPSC While the selection in IIT has risen slightly, the rate is still less than 2% From the perspective of the teachers, A UNESCO report from 2020 claimed that 42% of teachers in India are underpaid. It's good that some teachers are finally getting their due worth from these private companies But it is not clear if the students will benefit from this or not Every year 1 out of every 5 students from Kota qualify for IIT. 
But what about the rest four? 

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