What is VPN ? how does vpn work ? best vpn for pc and free

Today we will learn about VPNs, what is VPN, how it works, what they need of it, and which are the best VPN for pc and free, I will answer all these questions in my blog, so you read my post completely and the post is good. Share with your friends if you like

What is a VPN

You must know that there are many websites on the internet that are blocked in many countries, those countries keep their website blocked, now in such a situation, you can access those blocked websites which are blocked in your

If you want to do this, then how can you use those websites, then in such a situation, an option comes out in front of us, you can easily access any blocked website using a VPN, and you have to connect a simple VPN which b. Want to run the country's website and can easily run the dew country's block site

The Full Meaning Of VPN

The full form of VPN is a virtual private network, it is a kind of private network that allows any user to access this network anywhere and anytime in the world, most people use it to improve their security. And it is also used to avoid hackers, it is used in big company colleges, etc.

 how does VPN work?

How does VPN work Let me try to explain to you by giving an example, suppose you have a SIM of any company, that SIM can be of Jio Jio, it can be Airtel or Vodafone can be BSNL or Vodafone Can be of BSNL

Or Vodafone can be of BSNL, through which you run your internet and you type google.com on the internet, its request will first go to your network operator (Jio, Airtel, Bsnl, Vodafone) after that your operator google.com Till it will send the request then from there its page will flash on our mobile screen if Jio airtel Bsnl Vodafone Vodafone block our google website

So we start getting a message like this on the screen of our phone, or laptop, your request URL has been blocked, then we can not run that website but then an option comes out in front of us VPN when we connect to VPN We do

   And then open the google.com website again, that website opens easily, what is the reason for this, there is a simple reason that when we connect to the VPN, our operator thinks that we are in the USA or the country from which we are connected. Keeping the VPN connected, they think that we are opening the website of Google Google.com not from India but from the USA

Because our ID is completely hidden after connecting to the VPN, our operator allows us to easily allow it, so we can easily access any blocked site by connecting to any country.

Best Vpn for pc and free 

Talking about the best VPN network, all VPNs are good, but the premium VPNs are considered to be very safe because they keep your data more secure, there is no fear of data theft in this, the paid VPN service company is any of yours. Does not share any type of data with anyone and all free VPNs are  

They themselves hack your data and the company providing free VPN can share your data with other people for their profit, so I would advise you to use paid VPN if your data is safe. so never use free VPN


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