what is nav for mutual funds? how to start investing in mutual funds?


What is nav for mutual funds? how to start investing in mutual funds?

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are all doing well, today we will write a post on a special topic. What are mutual funds? How does this work? With this, how can you increase the interest of your money, I will give you all this information in this post, so you read this post of mine till the end, after which you will get complete information about mutual funds and you will be able to know better that it how does it work

what is nav for mutual funds in hindi ? how to start investing in mutual funds?

Friends, nowadays you must have seen a lot of video aids on TV, in which you are told about mutual funds that mutual funds are right, it depends on the market risk, friend you must be wondering what are these mutual funds, how do we do this? I can give money and how much return we will get from it and how it is different from another investment scheme, I will give you all this information in my blog.

What are mutual funds? How does work Mutual Fund?

Let me explain to you by giving a simple example of how mutual funds work, suppose you have ₹ 100000 and you have to invest it, you will deposit ₹ 100000 in your bank and you know that the interest rate in the bank How little is it and you will get very less interest from the bank, so you will get maximum FD (FIX Deposit) made in the bank, you will also get 7 to 8% INTREST, this is also very less.

 Or you can take gold for 1 year or you can take the property, but for that to we will need a lot of money, nothing can be experienced that in the coming days gold will be expensive or cheap, all these markets It is better that we put our money in mutual funds, now it comes to what are mutual funds, how mutual funds work

Suppose you have money or you must have heard about the share market, then what do people do that they invest their money in the stock market, what happens in the share market is that we have to buy shares of any company and buy them. We have to send it the next day, now we do not know whether the shares of that company will increase or decrease in the next day.

If its price increases then we will get its profit or if its price decreases then we may have to suffer a loss from it, so what happens in mutual funds that there are small companies called Assed Management in it, what do they do that all the small investors Are retailer investors who do not have much money to give, they collect money from those who can invest at least ₹ 500

 And your collected money well Qualify Manager puts that money in the stock market and gives it back to you after making good profits from there and that manager returns the rest of the money after deducting 2 or 3% of his commission. with good interest. There are 3 types of investment plans in mutual funds

Type of mutual funds in India

  • Equity fund

  If you invest your money in Equity Fund Fund, then I tell you that there is a lot of risk in it, secondly, the more risk there is in it, the more money you will get because this fund takes a lot of risks if success. On getting it, it will give you back by making a lot of your money but the risk is very high in it.

  • Dead fund

  If you want to invest your money in Debt Fund then it is quite a SAFE Fund in this RISQ remains equal and you do not get much benefit from it. In this, your money will be at very low risk and if not much, it will come back to you after making a little money, this is called DEAD FUND.

  • Balance fund

  If we talk about Balance Fund, then it is a mixture of both Equity Fund and Debt Fund, in this, your money is divided into both the departments, some money is invested in Equity Fund and some money in Debt Fund, your money in Balance Fund is your total. Money remains safe because, in this, a lot of risks are taken on some part of your money because if it makes a profit then it is sure to double the money, even if your money is sunk in it, some part of it is invested in the balanced fund of mutual funds company. There's very little risk on your money from there.

A lot of balance is kept in this, overall mutual funds are a great investment program because there are too many experts sitting on our money, they put their minds to double them, so they say that mutual funds are right.

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