Top 15 Upcoming Square Enix Games 2022-2023

Top 15 Upcoming Square Enix Games 2022-2023

Hello friends how are you all hope you are all good, Today in this blog I will tell you the Top Upcoming 15 Square Enix game which is going to be released in 2022 and 2023 whose platform will be released on platforms like ps5 ps4, Xbox

 1. Final Fantasy XVI

Release date - 

Q3 2023 

Platform -(PS5,PC)

right first of all and technically  well because it's actually been quite a  while since we got a new update on it  here well square Enix just went on and  released a new trailer for funnel  fantasy 16. in addition to an update on  a release window of summer 2023  supposedly the game is now coming to the  PlayStation 5 and pcs only final fantasy  16 y'all I'm assuming no is a single  player action RPG like most previous  entries in the series it'll be a  PlayStation 5 exclusive too and in case  you missed it this is how it actually  looks  

2. Forspoken

Release date - jan24,2023 

Platform -(ps5,pc)

coming up behind that and technically I've actually mentioned this one earlier  for those of you who have been waiting  this whole year will be forspoken which is  technically square Enix's most advanced  visually open world game to date as  stated by developers of course just one  on and receiving another delay and now  releasing January 24 next year as  opposed to October this year the game is  still releasing for the PlayStation 5  and pcs only and just in case you aren't  familiar with coming from the same team  behind final fantasy xv hence the  resemblance 

3. Kingdom Hearts IV

Release date - TBA  

Platform -(ps5,ps4,pc,Xbox s5 switch)

well, not really too long ago square Enix came out and actually announced that kingdom hearts 4 is now actually going through a full development plan and finally the 5 folks went on and debuted the gameplay trailer for it too which in my opinion has, to be honest, looked like the most realistic looking kingdom hearts game to date obviously well this is just a reminder to be quite frank no additional details on the new game were given specifically when it will eventually release and apparently this whatever you're watching was captured using unreal engine 5. check it out 

4. Valkyrie Elysium

Release date - Sep29,2022 

Platform -ps5,ps4,pc

a couple of weeks ago and I've also  mentioned this one very recently screen  x announced a pretty brand new valkyrie  game going by Elysium technically a  spin-off of valkyrie profile from all  the way back 23 24 years ago and to  accompany the good news the fine folks  also released a new trailer for it they  said the game is now coming to the  PlayStation consoles and pcs only and  now  September 29 this year 

5. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Release date - TBA  

Platform -(Ps5)

we've got the one and only final  fantasy 7 rebirths we all know the second  chapter in the finale of the final seven  remake project you might be interested  to know well that square Enix one on and  just announced the game will be  exclusive to the PlayStation 5 all  because of the new next generation  console's SSD hardware and that it'll be released by the end of 2023 at its  latest check it out to accompany the  update folks at square Enix also came up  with a new trailer 

 6. Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Release date -oct 27,2022  

Platform -(PS5,Xbox Series X,PS4,XB1,PC)

  man I've actually been  waiting to hear about this one myself  for quite a while we've got once again  star ocean the divine force for those of  you knew technically an entirely new  story in the series is history and  touted as a choice-driven science  fiction fantasy semi-open world game  with a totally brand new approach in  core gameplay this time around well  check it out the title was announced October  last year and now actually releasing  October 27th this year and on its way to  all pcs and consoles too except switch  take a look 

7. Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate


about  maybe seven years since its initial  reveal we finally about a month ago got  the confirmation that the next dragon  quest game well gone by flames of fate  is now coming to all platforms pics  switch even and it'll be the first game  in this series's lifetime to use unreal  engine 5 which is kind of mind-blowing  well just keep it in mind this game is  supposedly releasing early to mid-2023 and the gameplay we suspect to be very  different from previous iterations in  the series moving on 

 On the other hand, next up we've got here  the one and only crisis core final  fantasy 7 for those of you know a game  that originally hit the PSP consoles  back in 2007 technically a remastered  version of that that will now run in 120  fps and will include updated 3d models  fully new voiceovers and new musical  arrangements check it out Crysis score  final fantasy 7 reunions is now on  insulated PlayStation 4 5 Xbox consoles  and switch in addition to pcs  late possibly November 2022  

8.Dragon Quest Treasures

Release date - Dec9,2022 

Platform -(PS5,XBOX Series x,PS4,XB1,PC,Switch)

screenings actually just came out with a  hefty amount of a new batch of dragon  quest treasures information for those of  you been patiently waiting all this time  the characters the skills gameplay are mainly for those of you new here as a game that is basically focused on  hunting for treasure as the name implies  dragon quest treasures and well like  previous entries, of course, an RPG  adventure added score check it out  dragon quest treasures is coming to the  Nintendo switch on December 9 possibly  other consoles and pcs too at a later  date  

9.The DioField Chronicle

Release date -Sep22,2022 

Platform -(ps5,Xbox series X ,ps4,XB1,pc,Switch)

 okay so we have once  again by square Enix from earlier this  year a pretty brand new IP called the  dive field chronicle technically was  described to be a deeply strategic  role-playing game and is now designed from  the ground up by the strategy veterans  from different eras in square Enixs  history and as you could tell  technically taking inspiration from  games like fire emblem 3 houses and  other games we'll check it out all we  know right now is that the game is  releasing later this year and into pcs  switch and on the consoles too

 10.Front Mission 

Release date -TBA   

Platform -(SWITCH)

on the other hand actually, in recent years Nintendo rigged square Enix actually announced about a year ago that  the first two installments in the front  mission surveys are coming to the  Nintendo Switch and are now releasing by the  end of 2022 but to accompany the good  news even came out with a new trailer  just in case you're new to the whole  franchise front mission games are  basically futuristic dystopian tactical  role-playing and also third person  shooting games take a look  


 11.Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake

Release date -TBA   

Platform -(PS5,Xbox Series X,PS4,XB1,PC,Switch )

moving on is the old 1988 dragon quest 3  remake technically an HD 2d rendered  gaming style of other games like  triangle strategy and now actually comes into all consoles and pieces in addition  to the knits in the switch we'll check  it out in case you missed it the primary  game is set to come out once again later  this year actually in about a month from  now with a final release date and a new  trailer too so just keep it in mind for  now  

12 .Harvestella

Release date -Nov 4,2022  

Platform -(pc,switch)

moving on we've got once again a harvest  teller technically a brand new IPA by  square Enix it just came out way pretty  recently as a life simulation RPG that  combines all farming elements in an RPG-style sort of combat or technically a  mix of the old harvest moon and final  fantasy games as a first well check it  out this game is releasing on the  Nintendo switch and pieces only the  esteem November 4 this year   this is the story of those who live  alongside the seasons of life and death in their fight  against the rules 

 13. LIVE A LIVE HD-2D Remake

Release date - jul22,2022 

Platform -(switch)

on the other hand uh what we have once  again here on our list is a game called  level live HD to the remake which you  might have not been familiar with so  just in case technically an amped-up version of the old super Famicom classic  role-playing game from almost 30 years  ago and now with the ability to allow  players worldwide for the first time to  go through multiple time periods of time  with newer soundtracks a new aesthetic  and technically made from the ground up  but check it out 

14.Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered

Release date - Q4,2022 

Platform -(PS5,PS4,PC,SWITCH)

last but not least well in case you  missed out in a broadcast that actually  took place around almost the same time  last month square Enix also announced  that the old classic romancing saga  minstrel song would be getting a  remastered version and released for all  platforms later this year technically a  game that was originally released for  the PlayStation 2 and now coming over  with of course better graphics boosted  soundtracks and some more new in-game  content so just keep it in mind  


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