Top 10 Best Action Movies On Netflix and Amazon Prime in 2022

 Hi and welcome to  select 10 in this post we've compiled,  A list of the best action films that are  currently streaming on Netflix amazon  prime, and HBO max, so whether you want to  watch a close combat film like john wick  or an action film that swaps blood for  humor there's certain to be something  new on our list that you haven't seen  yet, therefore, today we list our top 10  picks for action films that you should  watch now


List of Best Action Movies On Netflix and Amazon Prime in 2022

  • sicario
  • Collateral
  • Speed
  • The gentleman
  • Heller High Water
  • Wrath Of Man
  • 13 Assassins
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Wheel Man
  •  immortals

1. Sicario

 it is an American action  thriller film directed by Dennis  Villeneuve the plot revolves around an  optimistic FBI agent kate macer who is  assigned to a high-level mission and is  recruited by a mystery government  officer named matt graver kate joins a  task group to fight the growing drug war  and bring down the violent and powerful  head of a Mexican drug cartel the crew  is led by the intense and mysterious  Alejandro and they move back and forth  across the Mexican-American border  utilizing one cartel lord to draw out a  larger one overall it is a gritty action  thriller with a gripping storyline and  mind-blowing cinematography that  captures your attention right away and  the movie has a 7.6 rating on IMDB  that's it for today thank you for  watching this video  and do subscribe our channel to see more  videos related to movies and series  suggestions

2. Collateral

it is a neo-noir  action thriller film directed by Michael  Mann the movie centers on Los Angeles  cab driver max Durocher and his  passenger vincent it sounds like a  simple story right but the plot then  takes an unexpected turn when max  accepts vincent's high fare offer to  drive him to many places but max's  situation gets worse when he learns that  Vincent is a hitman on a contract  killing rampage who has been ordering  him to travel from mark to mark until  the last witness to a crime is murdered  however as the cabbie learns the truth  he must stop the assassin from  eliminating his final eyewitness without  becoming the latest target in the Vinson  killing spree I'm assuming the majority  of you have already seen this film but  if you're one of the few that hasn't I recommend you to put it on your watch  list you won't be disappointed  it is a classic action film at its  finest and the movie has a 7.5 rating on  IMDB

3. Speed

that is an action thriller film  directed by Jan de bone the plot centers  on Los Angeles police officer jack who  upsets Howard Payne a former bomb squad  member by blocking his effort to kidnap  hostages in retribution Payne implants a  bus with an explosive that will blow up  if the speed drops below 50 miles per  hour now jack and his sidekick harry  must work with feisty bus passenger  Annie to try to save the passengers  before the bomb goes off while also  attempting to figure out how Payne is  watching them it is the most intense  suspense action movie that I have ever  watched the non-stop action keeps you on  the edge of your seat and it's safe to  say that it ranks among the greatest  action films ever made and the movie has  a 7.3 rating on IMDB

4. The Gentleman

it is an  action comedy film directed by guy  Ritchie the story centers on mickey  Pearson an American entrepreneur who  became wealthy in London by establishing  a big marijuana enterprise but when news  spreads that he is seeking to sell his  empire to a fellow American billionaire  in order to exit the industry it sets  off a series of events that involve  extortion deceit mayhem and murder among  street thugs Russian billionaires and  criminal gangsters who want to take his  empire for those who are unaware guy  Richie is the director of this film he  is known for creating intense action  thrillers and I am a big fan of his work  his previous films include wrath of man  sherlock holmes and the man from uncle  this film is yet another success from  him and is totally worth watching and  the movie has a 7.8 trading on IMDB


 5. Heller High Water

it is a  neo-western action thriller film  directed by David McKenzie the film is  set in Texas and tells the story of toby  Howard an unemployed man who is about to  lose his farm to the texas midlands bank  toby is divorced from his wife with whom  he shares custody of his two sons but  when his brother Tanner Howard is let  out of jail the two brothers plot a  series of robberies against the bank  that's ready to seize on their family  property however Marcus a texas ranger  who is just a few weeks from retiring is  in their way  while the siblings plan the last  robbery they must also prepare for a  confrontation with a cunning sheriff who  is on the verge of catching them in  addition to the intense action the film  also features crime drama and thrills, in other words, it is a must-watch action  film the movie has a 7.6 rating on IMDB

6. Wrath of Man

  it is a heist action thriller film  directed by guy Richie it is loosely  based on the 2004 french film cash truck  the story centers on the enigmatic  Patrick hill a new armored truck guard  with Fortico security who barely  completes his training and has a rocky  relationship with his co-workers however  the real action starts when he shocks  his co-workers by using his precision  expertise to prevent a robbery and save  his partner's life after witnessing his  skill set the group is left wondering  who he is and where he came from Patrick  however has a mysterious past and a  hidden goal which becomes obvious as he  takes drastic and deadly efforts to  settle a score  so in an essence Patrick has come to  exact his revenge it's an action film  starring Jason Statham what more do we  need he's a terrific action star and  it's always fun to watch him in a  fast-paced action film the movie has a  7.1 rating on IMDB

7.13 Assassins

it is an  action-adventure samurai film directed  by Takashi mayak it is a remake of the  1963 Japanese historical drama movie 13 assassins by Aichi kudo the  film is set in 1844 when the piece of  feudal japan is jeopardized by the cruel  lord naritsugu Matsudaira who is  politically growing and gaining  influence with his half-brother the  shogun the main plot follows shinzoman  shimada who leads a group of assassins  in 19th-century japan to kill the wicked  lord naritsugu Matsudaira who is causing  destruction on his own people shimada  appoints the greatest 13 samurai in  japan and sets a trap for the lords  narutsugu and his army of 200 samurai in  an attempt to put an end to injustice  the movie has a strong story and an  action-packed 45-minute fight scene  involving 200 samurai and 13 assassins  that will have you on the edge of your  seat do not miss this one and the movie  has a 7.5 rating on IMDB

8. Black Hawk Down

it is a war action film directed by  Ridley Scott it is based on the 1999  nonfiction book on the 1993 raid in  Mogadishu by the American military the  story follows 100 u.s army rangers led  by captain mike Steele who were dropped by  helicopter far within Mogadishu's  capital city to arrest two top  lieutenants of a Somali warlord  BlackHawk helicopters are used to lower  the soldiers to the ground but a  surprise some alien attack brings two of  the chopper down sparking large-scale  combat between the army rangers us  special forces and hundreds of Somali  militants from there the u.s soldiers  must fight to regain their position  while being attacked by a massive army  of well-armed Somalis overall it is a  great movie that captures the genuine  horror of war and has plenty of action  to keep you interested and the movie has  a 7.7 rating on IMDB

 9 Wheel Man

it is a crime thriller action  film directed by Jeremy rush the plot  revolves around wheelman a driver who is  forced to work for mobsters in order to  repay a loan when he is chosen to drive  the stolen vehicle in a bank robbery he  is unable to reach his contact and  instead receives a call from an unknown  person with instructions to deliver the  stolen money to him soon after he  discovers that he has been cheated and  spends the night attempting to save his  family from a group that wants the money  looted from the bank now with a car full  of cash and no idea who framed him he  must solve the mystery before time runs  out wheel man is an excellent blend of  thrills and action with good car chase  scenes and the movie has a 6.4 rating on  IMDB

 10. Immortals

it is a fantasy  action film directed by tarsum singh the  film starts with king hyperion declaring  war on humanity and his savage army  marches through greece abandoning  burned-out villages and the bodies of  the innocent in its path in search of  the legendary epispo a weapon of  unparalleled power made in the heavens  by aries hyperion's goal is to locate  the long-lost bow of eppers with this  indestructible weapon he will be able to  free the titans who have been imprisoned  deep inside the walls of mount tartaros  since the ancient period and are eagerly  waiting for vengeance in the hands of a  hyperion the bow would wipe out the gods  and bring doom upon humanity the catch  is that according to ancient rules gods  must not become involved in disputes  between people the main plot revolves  around theseus a mortal man selected by  zeus to lead the battle against the evil  king hyperion and his armies who are on  a rampage across greece in search of a  weapon capable of annihilating humankind  in general the film is fantastic with  outstanding cinematography incredible  action scenes and a good storyline  if you enjoy greek mythology films and  want to watch some exciting action give  this one a try the movie has a 6  rating on imdb


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