Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur) Wiki, Age, Biography, Girlfriends, income

Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur) Wiki, Age, Biography, Girlfriends, income

The growth of the Indian gaming community in the last few months has not been hidden from anyone. Be it on YouTube also or about the subscribers. The numbers of this community have grown very rapidly. Until a few years ago, Indians could not find any formal means of relating to gaming content due to the very few people in India having gaming computers. The solution to this problem has been the rapid growth of this game since the launch of your mobile phone, that speed has started a wave among the youth of the country, and as a result of that wave, the country got many games. One of the names of these matches is Mortel's Mortel One of the biggest gaming industries of the year.

Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur) Wiki, Age, Biography, Girlfriends, inconme

But today there are more than 3 million subscribers on his channel. Although this number is huge, the contribution they have made to the Indian gaming community is still less than that. 8- 10 years ago, if someone said that he wants to make his future in the field of gaming in India, then most people would make fun of this thing but very few could believe it, but the change in time and technology has made it open to new opportunities. gave birth which has expanded the scope a lot in the category like gaming as well. If you have not yet believed my words, then in this post you know the story of Mortel i.e. Naman Mathur's life. I solemnly say that your views about gaming and this profession will completely change.

It all starts with Maharashtra where Naman Mathur's life started. From the very beginning, Naman was interested in playing games on her home computer, like every other teenager, Naman too in her teenage years for some such games which were very much in trend all over the world. The most popular name among them is GTA San Andreas. Naman's gaming journey started by playing games like GTA and Mario. Creating the right balance between studies and games from the very beginning, as Naman grew up, it used to happen that many times Naman used to spend more time in studies and playing games.

Naman tells that the game that he liked the most while growing up, but the one he spent the most time playing. That was from Counter-Strike (Counter-Strike) to Counter-Strike (Counter-Strike) is a computer game and consistency is the most played year after year multiplayer games like Counter Ink, Naman's friendship grew with some other new players and they are The coordination also started getting better. Naman's family members also protested for spending more and more time playing the game. He was not at all happy that Naman used to give less importance to studies and more to cost. When the pressure on this issue increased from home, Naman stopped playing games after that.

But only one mobile which was launched named Mini militia (Mini Malaysia) proved to be a HIT mobile game as soon as Mini militia (Mini Malaysia) arrived. Teenagers from all over the country were playing this game. Like Counter-Strike, it was also a multiplayer game, which allowed Mortel to make new friends through the game every day. With these few friends, the coordination in the game became so good that on seeing it, a gaming clan had already been formed whose name was soul. This CLAN class included Naman and many more players like him. He spent more time playing Mini militia (Mini Malaysia) than he spent playing Counter-Strike. 

This was the time when Naman also started his YouTube channel and in the right way, it is from here that Naman Mathur became Mortel, if this is to be said in better words, then soul Mortel never paid much attention to fake videos on YouTube. . Most of the videos, he used to upload short clips of music while playing with his friends. There was not much talk about gaming in the country and that is why there was not much news on his videos. But let me tell you, Naman also had an offline presence in which she had passed her 12th class but was doing a B.Com course. When the pressure of not playing games from home increased, Naman stopped playing games at home. given and started in college. Many times he used to sit in class and feed Mini militia (Mini Malaysia) with his friends for hours. The game which proved to be life-changing for Mortel and many more gamers like him was yet to be launched.

PUBG Mobile was launched on 9 February 2018, but as soon as it was launched, the download of this game started increasing rapidly. Soon the boom took the form of a storm and its wave swept across the country. Due to a better gaming experience, Mortel also became his fan after playing the game. Practiced the game for several months and kept developing his skills in the game. After that, he thought that why not make public the video of the military on the YouTube channel he had created.

It had been a year since he uploaded the video on YouTube, after which he put his first Pubg video. The first video he put up was titled one v/s one last. After this video, he put some such videos on YouTube in which Pubg was telling the players tips and tricks related to the game. The explanation of his tips was such that anyone who saw him playing would become his fan. The videos were so unique and good that soon one of them went viral across the country.

Comments and subscribers started pouring in on his channel. Mortel saw such growth on his channel which he could not have imagined even in his dreams. After seeing such rapid growth Mortel uploaded some more videos as well as started live streaming while playing Pubg. Thousands of viewers started adding to the live stream. Having a viewer from all over the country watching it playing live, his skills were getting more impressive. Soon he was counted in the list of best games in the country. When good money and response came from YouTube, Naman also started looking into it and started watching gaming more seriously. Where earlier he used to play games mostly for fun, now he turned that fun into focus and kept improving his art day by day.

As of 9 February 2019, his channel has also crossed the 1M million subscriber mark. Seeing the success he got on YouTube, his family members also stopped stopping him from playing games and Naman also started participating in professional leagues with YouTube. Almost in the league, he used to play in, he used to get the number one position while playing for Soul Soul. Playing professionally, he and SOUL CLAN have won many prizes and huge amounts of prices.

Today her channel has more than 3.8 million subscribers and more than 250 million views and with these numbers, she remains the most popular gamer in the country. Simultaneously, Mortel also became an inspiration for many more budding gamers in the country. But he proved that if the skill is worked on, then nothing can be achieved even at a young age. So friends, if the story is of the best gamers of our country, Naman Mathur, of the same model. If you also like this then you must share this post with your friends. And if you have seen this post for the first time and want to see this post, then friends, save this website and keep it, whenever I drink a new post, it reaches you.

Naman Mathur Biography/Wiki, Naman Mathur Girlfriend, and Naman Mathur age

Date Of Birth       - 17 August 1996     
Age                           -  22 Years (As Of 2018)
Place Of Birth             - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  
Professions                - Youtuber, gamer
game name               - Soul Mortal
PUBG ID               - SOUL々MortaL 
Name                        - नमन माथुर (naman mathur)

Soul Mortal Personal Information

Residence                     - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion                        - Hindu
Languages                  - English, Hindi, Marathi
Nationality                    - Indian
Ethnicity                     - Indian
Complexion                   - Fair

Soul Mortal Body Features & Measurements

Height                           - 5 Feet 5 Inches
Eye color                      - Black
Hair color                       - Black
Weight                           - 60 KG
Body Type                      - Fit

Soul Mortal Education Qualifications

Education(Collage)       - B.Com

Soul Mortal Career Information

Award           -  Pubg India series winners 2018Years Active 2017

Soul Mortal Favorites, Hobbies 

Hobbies                            -gaming, Streaming', Cycling, Comedy
Favorite Actors                 - Akshay Kumar

Favorite Actresses             - Priyanka Chopra

Soul Mortal Social Networks, Web links

Wiki Page                           -Naman Mathur wiki
Facebook Profile                    -mortel
Twitter Profile                   - Twitter Profile
Instagram Profile                 - Instagram Profile
YouTube Channel                 - Mortal youtube

Soul Mortal More Information

Friends             -Owaise, Rounak, Viper, Aman

Girlfriend           - coming soon 

Soul Mortal Income and Money

 Net Worth                                -10 to 18 Lakh (Approx)

    -1 - 2 Lakh per Month 

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