5 Best Hindi-Dubbed Korean Dramas on Netflix

 5 Best Hindi-Dubbed Korean Dramas on Netflix 

In today's world, Korean Drama is the most popular thing in the world the reason behind this is our relativity to it when we get bored with our complicated life then we search for a simple and small episodes series of 12 episodes of 30 minutes each

List of 2022' Best Hindi-Dubbed Korean Dramas on Netflix

  • 1987


story of the students from different countries or we can say that the teenage lifestyle of the Korean kids was looking cheap and bad web series because they used animation and background music for no use

but if you keep patience for 1 episode

all the negative points will shadow away and you will start liking the personality of each and every character the best thing is the acting of each and every student you will not find typical overacting like Hollywood some characters feel cheesy in the beginning but when you start to know the personality of each character

then you will laugh at his every reaction at the end of every episode, the series leaves you on a cliff angle I binged this series, this is available on Netflix


A thin line between friendship and love in Korean Drama brings magic out to these two a boy and a girl twenty years old friends in one room and need for lyrics with lots of feelings with three positive and one negative point

recently available on Disney+Hotstar  at first, I was not able to believe that this Korean Drama has only four episodes the Korean series usually are very long I watched My Name action, adventure, and the performance of Han So Hee The soundtrack is totally opposite you will gonna have a crush on Han So Hee don't know but there is a stereotype why the boy is always shy and introverted in Korean Series, tell me in the comment box they both have something between them and also don't have entering of the third person and getting a signal in the different situations in the life that it is not friendship but it is Love when you see all such moments in the series

then you get the feeling of the feel-good At some points, the acting of Han So Hee seemed to be overacting with very amazing, Hindi Dubbing, you will get this series on Disney+Hotstar


A boy with an Axe that has blood on it surrenders, he killed an 8-year-old boy it feels that he should be punished there but there is something like Juvenile Justice with one negative and three positive points JUVENILE JUSTICE (2022) a legal drama where the tension of the court should we punish the kid or should leave him by giving him a chance?

sometimes on a good and sometimes on the bad side, but this series makes you question your own now this trouble which has come on Shim Eun-Seok who doesn't have any place for the immature criminal every episode of the series takes you on a roller coaster ride Netflix has won the hearts by doing the Hindi dubb of this series at some points, the series becomes illogical and overdramatic at that point, you will start to feel its 10 episodes of 1 hour each

but the topic and the presentation on Korea are bold you will love watching this legal battle before the top two series.


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the Villain wanted to be immortal but the hero wants to take revenge

now they got a door through which they do time travel or they travel to the parallel universe

15-20 episodes with approx  1 hour each at some point I got confused about that should I give my time to this series or not with two positive and one negative point

the drama fantasy THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH (2020)

let me clear you that you need to keep patience in the first two episodes you will think about what and why it is going on and when it goes+? after the third episode, we go to the depth of the character the concept of time travel and a parallel universe, and that sweet love story above all of this series puts everything nicely in front of us I only completed 12 episodes till now

at any point, I don't feel that any character is useless the slow-motion could be less the length of the series can be short, but you will enjoy it more on 1.25x

5.) 1987

I salute such a web series that will take you to 1987 when the revolution of democracy is going to start

many students are suspected they are north Korean they can be tortured after getting arrested n and between all this negativity a university student and a North Korean spy this series is no less than emotional for me

how one can show precisely how a drop falls, a boy has pain but not show on his face this web series touches on controversial topics like gender-biased, sexual discrimination, nepotism, etc. and above all of these the Hindi dubbing of Disney+Hotstart keeps it natural a content that will satisfy you


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