The Benefits of Using the Free Conference Call Mobile App

 The Benefits of Using the Free Conference Call Mobile App

The free conference call service turns your smartphone or Android device into a virtual mobile conference calling hub. It enables you to immediately launch or schedule free conference calls irrespective of where you're. Connect with anyone, anytime, no matter where ever you are. Easily manage all your meetings, contacts, tasks and projects, effectively and efficiently with the best free conference call service on the internet today.

 Conference calls, which were once a standard feature for business conferences and other important meetings, have now been transformed into an innovative and technologically advanced platform that enables users to conduct confidential and interactive meetings virtually. There are various types of conference calling solutions offered by various service providers.

 However, as most of these apps can be complex to use, it is better to opt for a simple yet efficient app to ensure that nothing is left out and that your meeting is conducted smoothly. There are many such service providers in the market that have packaged a number of innovative solutions to help businesses meet their goals. A majority of them offer a number of features like call recording, automatic redial, simultaneous call distribution, transcription services, speaker identification, conference calls, etc.

 However, the best feature they offer is the one which enables you to make free conference calls from your smartphone using the App. You can simply download this app from the respective store, install it and link your smartphone with your corporate account. After logging into your account, you can then make free conference calls to any contact number from anywhere in the world. Another best option you can look into is the free iPad conference call. The free download comes complete with a fully functional whiteboard and all the features of a standard iPad.

 You can easily use it to capture notes, share files, update schedules, or just exchange contacts with other users. This particular free download also enables you to download the iPad version of any of the popular web conferencing services like Skype, Google talk, or toll-free conference call. A free conference call service on your smartphone will not only help you make free conference call from any part of the world but will also give you an added advantage. You can easily connect to any of your corporate contacts from wherever you are.

 This is because the free conference account enables you to set up a PIN code. Once the code is entered on the registration page, you can then connect to the PIN-based dial-in list. By doing so, you are automatically connected to the contact's number and if you wish, you can then communicate with them through a conference call. Some free conference call providers offer a video conference call service to their clients. The only requirement is that you should have an HD camera and microphone to be able to capture the video. As soon as it is recorded, you can then upload it on the free conference call provider's mobile app and share it with your family and friends

. You can then invite them to join the call even if they are not in the same room. Another advantage of the mobile app is that you can record the entire conversation as long as you want. With the free conference phone service provided by the free conference call provider, you get a chance to manage the conference call history. You can use the mobile app to record the entire session or just part of it. You can also control and manage the call history through the free conference phone account on your smartphone.
However, if you switch to another provider, the previous conference history would go with them. In this situation, you would have to get a hold of your free conference call account to transfer the call history to the new provider. The best option to do so is to download the free conference app and transfer the call history into it. Another major advantage of using the free conference call mobile app is that you can save money. This is because most providers charge per minute. So if you talk for more than a minute, you will have to pay additional fees. On the other hand, the free conference call app does not charge any fees. So even if you make three to five local calls, you will not be charged anything.

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