What is a Google AdSense and AdWords ?

What is a Google AdSense

What about Google AdSense, AdWords

 What is Google Adsense? how does it work ? Talk about Google Adsense in this blog, Google Adsense is the largest advertising publishing company in the world which gives its advertisements on wesite blogs and YouTube channels, with the help of separate user Google Adsense, block your website And YouTube channel ko monetize, how to earn a lot of website money with the help of adsense, whenever a user uses Google Adsense ad on their website or blog, then if any person wants to sell any ads Clicks then get their money the owner of the website.

You might be wondering how Google Adsense benefits from it, or how adsense earns itself money, so let me tell you that AdSense also earns more money than you, so how do you do it? 

The simple thing is that Google AdWords, Google Adword, is a Google product that works in the manner of Google Adsense,

Whenever a large company comes with Google's promotion of its company, then Google tells Edward to take his company's AIDS running, then instead of dew, Edward Oas takes money to run AIDS from the company, and That's what AIDS Google Adsense gives to its users, that they can put it on their own website, whenever a visitor secrh any chase on the internet then there is a lot of website coming in front of the dew, If the website opens, there is a lot of article shows in front of the dew, and seven seven dessds of which are the second AIDS of the other go to Google. If the user accidentally clicks on the dew, then the dew aids The money is received from the owner of the website and 50% of the dew of Adsense is kept by itself, in this manner, both AdSense and Eugès both benefit.

What is a Google  AdWords

What about Google AdSense, AdWords

 Talking about Google Adword, it is also Google's an AIDS product. This is exactly the opposite of Google Adsense. How do I tell you how Google Edwards works when a person has to promote his or her company So they contact Google Edward, Google Edwards takes some money from them and their ads are available through Google Adsense, By doing this, the owner of the website and the company gets benefit from both the adsense and the company scores are promoted to their brand item and the money on the website of the user whose ads they see are also available to any person, The application can promote the promotion of any item through Google Edward on the Internet, it is quite cheap most mostly big companies Thaw already are offering promotions of their goods so much Edward

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