Top 15 Best Netflix Original Series to Watch Now! 2019

hello everyone and today i thought i'd make a series suggestion of all this shows honestly think commonly the strongest of netflix they don't necessarily agree with rotten tomorrow says and there's so this has so many series to choose from i decided to go for fifteen

 so instead antennas ten doesn't quite to the surface justice however as keeping simple i'm going to be avoiding shows which have exclusive international distribution i mean by that is a series that was a bridge in the traces on a network so for example pink blind is and the center of originally ed on a bad work such as be to us a network there will not be making in the parents and for those of you use to this child i've to make this list in no particular older

 there are one i think these are the top fifteen series like this
 this is all of the cream of their crop and don't equally pinch worthy and
 if you want to securely browse the web of one access to netflix and
 for region restricted reps ice when you're a broad such as ink countries like the us uk you canada then check out to express bp and today in the link below free forty nine percent discount dark when children start this apparent from a small isolated town next to a new a power plant this brings like to a phase double lives and the dark past of for families

 the living with in the area link between the past and the present this series follows join as a teenager struggling to cope with his father's recent suicide and a place off who's proper disappeared and similar circumstances pity three years we're not theory tv show for everyone docs made mystery unfolds is a very slow pace so i can imagine your average for you were going and patient to be quite quickly for the series is both tense and terrifying as well as very gloomy so for those of you who love a strange and atmospheric sir is then this is the show for you this fresh creepy an innovative from a not only has great film in sound design but also has fantastic realistic characters that only match so by the equally solid acting how might also the dog 

today this series isn't particularly good sorry strong me or can and that you stick to the subtitles as the alternative is pretty bad
 should you be and so of the geeks should the sound of the principles he's now going to change its school now the whole to have he'll houses about five
 sibling to his children grew up and what would eventually become the most famous wanted house and often american now was adult this fragmented families now force back together to face it goes to the past confronting the memories of the old home and the terrifying events that pro some from it based on show me jacksons noble the same name the moment of his in culturally creepy go story with an equally satisfying cost of characters each with demented back story that link sent back to the old hope that matter how how they to escape it in my opinion this is the closest you're going to get to watching a path there for a series from the first rates and photography as that design and story to the ground characters and fantastically reappear not once does this show come off this even cheesy a cliche and the apart from the queue c g the whole to heal house does everything right he
 a typical too

 because the common of a story that for those salmon date enrolled and the waters and spectrum who in search for love and independents this scientists time to find the girlfriend was journey yourself discovery salmon intentionally trick is a set of life changing pass for his family that leaves them all asking the same question what does it really means to be normal an excellent depiction of aspergers syndrome a typical is this series that really has gone half its way to make itself is accurate and hands realistic as possible while being entertaining at the same they time perverse gray performances and almost
 life interpretation of her family dealing with the social struggles of happy statistic back

 family member a typical is a woman funny showed that leaves used the viewer always marling learning and reflecting with a great understanding 
 of this misunderstood disorder ~~~~~~~ besides from that all the carrots have great before the story is very at our for the most part and the company is evenly
 which prey throughout i'd say this series is the only problem is that the absence of only third he minutes long and each season is only a two ten episodes i don't like getting in water that people have touched people do much worse than that guarantee these babies of beating hundreds of times my encounter

 set in the late nineteen seventies to free high agency attempt to create a new form of innovative crime science gotten core prairie psychology social gene and from biology as a method to reveal the motors for these munich classes

 five serial killers tossed veering these unusual serial killers our agents most five against the bureau simply the state describe off means is from the opportunity and told is to get the

 probably one of the best netflix originals to date mind hundred or wishes itself from other crime throws with this excellent couch development and unique system hog roughy with davis mature producing and directing most of the series
 it's one of those were and a fascinating shows that not only has

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